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Forest Keepers Tree Care is a family owned, professional tree service offering a full range of tree care options to all of Cape Cod and the South Shore since 1997. Qualified to perform a comprehensive range of tree care options designed to foster the health and maintenance of your trees and shrubs, we strive to do safe, quality tree work at a fair price. Here at Forest Keepers, our most important clients are people like you; property owners who want to make the best and most well informed decisions about their trees.

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INSECT ALERT! Cape Cod Oaks in trouble!

PEST ALERT! Crpyt Gall Wasp.

dying oak trees

Early Spring 2012, Oak trees all along  the coastal areas of Falmouth, Yarmouthport and Brewster began showing very serious signs of die-back and stress. It was not very clear at first what was going on with these distressed trees. Perhaps these trees were suffering from the salty blasts of wind they received from Hurricane Irene  the previous year. ‘read more’

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